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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What makes St. Francis Generic Drug different from others?

    • Only P130K Franchise Fee
    • Capital Investment for as low as P600K (inclusive of Franchise Fee)
    • Cheaper generic medicines vs. competing drugstore


    St. Francis Generic Drug is brought to you by St. Francis Square Group of Companies which has over 30 years of expertise in real estate and retail.

  2. How much is the Franchise Fee and the Total Capital Investment?

  3. Only P130K Franchise Fee!
    Total Capital Investment for as low as P600K (inclusive of Franchise Fee)

  4. How much is the royalty fee?

  5. NO ROYALTY FEE! We only require a contribution to a system-wide advertising fund of 1% which will be used for various promotional activities.

  6. How much is the advertising fee?

  7. Franchisees shall spend 1% of gross sales monthly for local advertising and promotion. There is also a system-wide contribution of 1% of your gross sales to a corporate advertising and development fund which will be used for national advertising and promotions.

  8. What are the benefits of a St. Francis Generic Drug franchise?

    • Only P130K Franchise Fee
    • Low Capital Investment for as low as P600K only (inclusive of Franchise Fee)
    • Reputable Support System
    • No Royalty Fee
    • Comprehensive Training Program
    • On-going Business Consultation and Guidance
    • The right to use St. Francis Generic Drug’s trademark, name and logo
    • Site evaluation
    • Start-up assistance for legal requirements
    • Assistance in hiring pharmacists
    • Store design and construction assistance
    • Franchise Operations Manual
    • Pharmacist Training – pharmacy retailing and customer service
    • Pharmacy Aid Training – education on generics
    • Owners Training – management and operations
    • POS System for sales and inventory
    • Advertising support and promotional materials
    • Regular monitoring of your outlet
    • Ongoing business consulting and guidance
    • Personal alerts on new products, services and promotions

  9. What are the requirements to put up a St. Francis Generic Drug franchise?

  10. FDA requirements are as follows: at least 15 sqm. floor area, full-time pharmacist and sink.

  11. Where is the ideal location for a St. Francis Generic Drug franchise?

    • High foot traffic, either residential or business community
    • Beside leading drugstores
    • Near hospitals/clinics or supermarkets/ public market
    • Inside malls

  12. What is the minimum size of a typical St. Francis Generic Drug franchise outlet?

  13. The minimum size of a typical St. Francis Generic Drug is 15 sqm. Any space smaller will not be approved by FDA.

  14. Will we be given an operations manual?

  15. Yes. As our franchisee, you will receive a copy of the confidential Franchise Operations Manual. This comprehensive document serves as ST. FRANCIS GENERIC DRUG’s “bible” for operating the franchise. It contains details of all the policies and procedures involved in running the ST. FRANCIS GENERIC DRUG business. You will be given your copy of the manual during the Franchisee Training prior to outlet opening.

  16. What training will we receive as franchisees?

  17. The franchise owner and the designated personnel will be given extensive training at the franchisor’s headquarters. The training will cover training center operations, management, and customer service in the actual store of the franchisee.

  18. What other continuing support will I receive?

  19. As our franchisee, you will receive continuing support from us during the term of the franchise such as:

    • Periodic field visits and quality checks of your facility
    • Continuing guidance and business evaluation and consulting on any matter related to operating the ST. FRANCIS GENERIC DRUG business.

  20. What is the term of the franchise agreement?

  21. The initial term of the franchise agreement is 5 years, renewable for 2 additional terms of 5 years each, for a total term of 15 years.

  22. Who will look for the location?

  23. The franchisee proposes their store location. A vicinity map or sketch of the proposed location is submitted to the Franchisor for evaluation and approval.

  24. Who will hire the pharmacist?

  25. Franchisees will hire their own pharmacists but the franchisor can provide assistance.

  26. Will I have the exclusive territory?

  27. No. You will not be granted an exclusive territory. However, we will see to it that each site will serve the population to the fullest to make the business viable.

  28. What are the operating hours?

  29. Operating hours are subject to market demands. Franchisees decide depending on their location.

  30. How do I become a St. Francis Generic Drug franchisee?

  31. There are 5 easy steps to become a St. Francis Generic Drug franchise.

    STEP 1: Submit the following requirements:

    • Completely filled-up Pre-qualification Form
    • Resumé with latest colored 2×2 ID photos (2 pcs.)
    • Letter of Intent
    • Accurate Vicinity Map
    • Set interview schedule upon completion of requirements

    STEP 2: Sign the Franchise Agreement

    STEP 3: Pass the Training Program

    STEP 4: Comply with all regulatory requirements and complete construction of store

    STEP 5: Congratulations! Grand opening of your St. Francis Generic Drug outlet!

  32. How do I start the whole process?

  33. Schedule a business presentation with us. Call us at 8632-1010 local 216 for inquiries.

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